About Those Ghosts...

We are living through the most intense era of ghost-fakery in human history. The combination of new technologies, market forces, popular culture and a widespread disregard for science has produced a thriving 'paranormal industry' with one fundamental requirement for the survival of its business model: that enough customers believe in ghosts.

The desire to understand the nature of existence, non-existence, and everything in between is an elemental part of being human. Over the millennia it has sprouted a thousand branches of religion and philosophy. Great minds have produced great works, and spawned great movements, yet the question remains unresolved.

Lesser minds have also engaged in, and exploited, the subject. The rise of Spiritualism during the 19th century - driven by a sincere curiosity about the afterlife - spawned an epidemic of fraudulent mediums and ghost-photographers, not to mention the 'playing the ghost' prank craze. These people were usually exposed as f…

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